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Re.Center (Pilates/Yoga/Stretch)
Re.Center (Pilates/Yoga/Stretch)

Re.Center (Pilates/Yoga/Stretch)

60 min

Hot Pilates & Pilates / Power Yoga / Hot Yoga / Hot Yin / Stretch

Re.Center your mind, body and spirit in the first European studio to actually "hum", filled with Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm (Schumann Resonance), helping you reach this relaxed, dreamy state, when cell regeneration and healing happens.

Those classes are designed to help you become more resilient to stress and restore your equilibrium and range of motion.

Some practices even benefit from a warmer room to help you relax even more.

Our Pilates sessions are mat based and combine low-impact exercises aiming to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

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