Re.Center (Yoga)
Re.Center (Yoga)

Re.Center (Yoga)

60 min

Ashtanga Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga / Rocket Yoga

Re.Center your mind, body and spirit in the first European studio to actually "hum", filled with Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm (Schumann Resonance), helping you reach this relaxed, dreamy state, when cell regeneration and healing happens.

Our Ashtanga practice synchronises breath, asana (postures) & drishti (gaze point) to create a dynamic, flowing sequence.

Our Vinyasa Yoga is designed for opening and lengthening of the spine with longer held yin style postures for total body relaxation.

Our Rocket Yoga is a faster paced flow, based on Ashtanga Yoga Primary and Intermediate series, with options to work on inversions and arms balances.

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