Re.Match (Boxercising)
Re.Match (Boxercising)

Re.Match (Boxercising)

45 min

Box&Hiit / Box&Lift / Box&Run / Technical Boxing

Those 4 classes won't be your average boxing training.

Each of those whole-body workout will improve your focus, skills and drills, stamina & train your willpower.

Box&Lift will allow you to get stronger while improving your moves, thanks to a mix of boxing training and dumbbell workout.

Box&Hiit will ensure your conditioning and technique are both on point.

Box&Run is a mix of the original running bootcamp on treadmills perfectly mixed with some punching ball training.

Finally our Technical Classes will help you reach another level and progress faster.

Get Ready 2 to train like a champ and roll with the punches!

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