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Re.Shape (Hot/Power/Core Yoga)
Re.Shape (Hot/Power/Core Yoga)

Re.Shape (Hot/Power/Core Yoga)

60 min

Hot Yoga / Power Yoga / Core Yoga

Those 3 Classes within our "humming" studio will allow you to experience and enjoy amazing additional yoga practices.

Our Hot yoga classes offer the best of modern and traditional yoga, a place for you to breathe and embrace the warmth of the perfectly heated studio (around 30°C, it is not Bikram Yoga! ;)

Our Power Yoga is a faster paced Yoga session, getting a bit more physical. It incorporates the athletics of Ashtanga to the Vinyasa system, but it allows the teacher to create sequences to suit specific areas of work.

Our Yoga Core classes combine total bodyweight core workout to warm up followed by dynamic yoga. So do expect some arm balances and inversions!

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