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Re.Store (Yin Yoga / Stretch)
Re.Store (Yin Yoga / Stretch)

Re.Store (Yin Yoga / Stretch)

60 min

Yin Yoga / Stretch

Re.Store your mind, body and spirit. Slow down and give your body the recovery it deserves.

Yin Yoga is about finding stillness and cooling the body through slow-paced style of yoga as exercises.
It revitalises the tissues of the body and helps become more resilient to stress. It helps restore equilibrium and range of motion.

Our Stretch class will also allow your body to recover from those weekly trainings or daily city movements. The perfect recovery and injury prevention class.

Our studio is one of the first in Europe to "hum" (with Schumann Resonance & Gamma waves), helping you reach this relaxed, dreamy state, when cell regeneration and healing happens.

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