Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Glide)
Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Glide)

Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Glide)

45 min

Barre / AAA (Arms, Abs & Ass) / Glide

3 different classes to get defined all over. Expect a slimmer waist, a lifted booty, sculpted arms and a sexy back.

Our Barre class will take you through a dynamic and invigorating workout, combining strength & postures inspired by ballet.

Our AAA class is divided into free weights, ankle weights / elastic bands & Barre, to tone, lift & sculpt. This whole body workout will improve your posture and is the perfect fix for the week.

Our Glide class will be engaging your core, using sliding discs for your hands or feet, that turns the floor into an unstable surface. It will boost your heart rate, get deeper into your glutes and make your adductors scream.

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