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Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Dynamic Sculpt)
Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Dynamic Sculpt)

Re.Structure (Barre/AAA/Dynamic Sculpt)

45 min

Barre / AAA (Arms, Abs & Ass) / Dynamic Sculpt

3 different classes to get defined all over. Expect a slimmer waist, a lifted booty, sculpted arms and a sexy back.

Our Barre class will take you through a dynamic and invigorating workout, combining strength & postures inspired by ballet.

Our AAA class is divided into free weights, ankle weights / elastic bands & Barre, to tone, lift & sculpt. This whole body workout will improve your posture and is the perfect fix for the week.

Our Dynamic Sculpt improves flexibility, mobility & lower body explosivity. Influenced by martial arts & gymnastic trainings, it will get you moving with an increased range of motion and help extend your physical freedom.

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