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Re.Hiit Circuit (Hiit)
Re.Hiit Circuit (Hiit)

Re.Hiit Circuit (Hiit)

Circuit 40min

Experience a new kind of training with the assistance of screens to guide you through the workout and trainers to supervise for Health & Safety. A full body workout that encompasses elements of mobility, cardiovascular, body weight resistance, or strength and conditioning training!

Our 40min Functional HIIT circuit will get you Built & Ripped, through a proven programme, as each day you’ll experience a different circuit (you'll never do the same workout again) focused either on building your muscles or on conditioning:

Mon: Build (Upper Focus)
Tue : Burn (Lower Focus)
Wed: Build (Abs & Ass)
Thu : Build (Upper Focus)
Frid : Burn (Lower Focus)
Satu: Build (Full Body)
Sun : Burn (Full Body)

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