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Circuit 40min

What our community knows us best for –  


High energy, music fuelled circuit workouts helping you achieve a strong physique and a stronger mindset .

While you can always expect a carefully crafted balance of resistance training & full-body burn, Our HIIT circuits are programmed in house to focus on three areas, upper body, lower body and full body. 

Crush your goals, improve your stamina, and develop your will power, with aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training. 

All you have to do is show up! 


Experience a new training era with both screens to guide you and trainers to motivate, and coach  you. 

This 40min HIIT Circuit will help you reach your fitness objectives through a proven program, with a different workout every day. Expect each workout to encompass elements of mobility, cardio, resistance, and functional strength and conditioning. 

Circuits start every 10min and run all day long so you'll never be late. 

Mon: Build - Upper Focus

Tue: Burn - Lower Focus

Wed: Build - Abs and Ass

Thu: Build - Upper Focus

Fri: Burn - Lower Focus

Sat: Build - Full Body

Sun : Burn - Full Body

Get Ready2 Rumble! (The last HIIT Session of the day starts at 8.20pm on weekdays, at 4.20pm on Saturdays and 3.20pm on Sundays and Holidays)

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